Charl Möller

Charl Möller 11 March 1941 - 29 November 2013.


Charl was born in Zimbabwe where he lived until May of 1983 when he and his family immigrated to South Africa.


He grew up on a smallholding with four younger brothers and they enjoyed a measure of freedom unknown to most youngsters today. Growing up with his artist father working in a studio overlooking a river with the smell of paint and turpentine in the air, Charl could not resist experimenting on small pieces of Masonite and this eventually led to a career as an artist.


For Charl -“The essence of true art lies in capturing the beauty out there on canvas, however small and insignificant it may seem to be and to open the viewer’s eyes and emotions to this beauty. If I succeed in this. Then my art has been legitimized, and I would have succeeded”.


His work covered a wide spectrum of subjects such as old buildings, trains, cars and planes and he also created beautiful portraits, landscapes and animals. Each painting carries a strong emphasis on atmosphere, feeling and emotion. The preferred medium was acrylics on canvas.


Charl sold his work locally as well as to international clients.